Thursday, November 13, 2008


The bright orange rays of the setting sun gleamed over my tank-specced goggles as I stood there in Stormwind Harbor, waiting for the steam-powered icebreaker (The Kraken) to transport me to Northrend, a frozen wasteland which is home to the evil Scourge. To my left stood a Death Knight projecting some dark aura giving me chills, making the light within me flicker. They were once the mighty Champions of the Lich King. It still amazes me how they managed to break free of the Lich's control. The mere thought of joining forces with these beings of the dark greatly unsettles the light within me. Thoughts of being a zombie began rushing back... the bloodlust, the excitement... I fired up my devotion aura, recast righteous fury and replaced my blessing of sanctuary. I felt better, much better. Today is not the time to be affected by these things for today we bring the war to the Lich King's lands. Death Knight's are our allies and powerful ones to be exact. It is time for Dark and Light to blend, fight side-by-side and focus on one goal. The downfall of the Lich King.

The steam-powered boat arrived at the port, we mounted up and climbed on. I looked at the Death Knight and raised my hammer, he did the same with his runesword and together we shouted "For the Light/Dark!". The boat started to move... it is time for retribution...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Divine Intervention 101

"No sacrifice goes unrewarded. The ultimate sacrifice has great rewards indeed." -wowwiki

To cast Divine Intervention (DI) successfully, the following requirements should be met:

1. Make sure you have learned the spell Divine Intervention from your local paladin trainer.
2. Buy the spell reagent Symbol of Divinity from friendly reagent vendors.
3. Place the Divine Intervention spell from your spellbook to any spell slots available. We don't want to lose a few seconds browsing our spellbook for the spell during battle now would we?
4. Target (click) the player you want to DI then cast (click) the Divine Intervention spell. This is known to fail sometimes so just to be sure, just cast the spell first then target it to the player.
5. Better yet, just create a macro like below:

/target Sealtiel
/y Casting Divine Intervention on psycho priest!
/y It is a good day to die!
/cast Divine Intervention

Well, to be safe, just use the macro below. (The psycho priest may already be long dead before you can cast the spell. >:) )

/y Casting Divine Intervention on %t!
/cast [target=target, help, nodead] Divine Intervention

(Just be sure to click the player to be DI-ed before using the macro.)


Some tips:
- Make sure that the target for the spell will be far away from any mobs.
- Make sure that you are in range of your target.
- Make sure that the target is in your line of sight.
- Make sure that you are alive during casting.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


From the Eastern Plaguelands to Tanaris, I trampled through the remaining scourge armies. I have burned down scourge after scourge until the shards powering their gigantic necropolis got destroyed. I have collected hundreds of necrotic runes and asked the Argent Dawn Quartermasters as to what I can do with it. He looked at me with awe, he smiled and made me kneel. He unsheathed his holy sword and patted me by the shoulders. "Mighty Sarevok, you have shown loyalty and courage beyond our expectations. You helped us drive out the cursed scourge from our lands. You have proven yourself to be a righteous knight and a formidable ally to the Argent Dawn. You have earned our trust and so I present to thee our holy tabard. Wear this as a sign of our brotherhood. Wear this proudly and may the Light be with you always!"

I rose to my feet, head feeling light. I have found salvation, and I have once again become a mighty beacon for the Light.