Monday, March 30, 2009

Kel ' zu"Thud"

Giant turtles, giant trees and rampaging hunters and rogues. That was the scene we witnessed as we (me with fellow guildies and a pug) engaged Kel'Thuzad (one of the principal agents of the Lich King) in one of the most exciting battles that have ever been fought within the walls of Naxxramas.

The fight started with us bunching up together in the middle of Kel's room, surrounded by hundreds of scourge, trying to fend them off as much as we could. Waves and waves of skeletons, banshees and abominations march their way towards us as Kel stood by his throne waiting for the perfect time to strike.

The scourge ranks slowly thinned, slaughtered by deadly spells and strikes. Then, Kel'Thuzad struck...

A fellow Paladin engaged Kel at the center of the room as the rest of the raid settled to their respective positions trying to find the perfect spot to cast their spells or assist others through healing. I found a good spot at the lower left part of the room far enough for my ranged spells to hit Kel (not that the damage I did mattered anyway >.>) and far enough to be at a safe distance form other raid members. Realizing the ineffectivity of my damage (loldps is lol), I switched to my healing spells and threw a couple of heals here and there.

When Kel realized he was losing, he called upon the Lich King to send for help.

Kel'Thuzad: Master! I require aid!
The Lich King: Very well... warriors of the frozen wastes, rise up! I command you to fight, kill, and die for your master. Let none survive...

Four Nerubian Crypt Lords joined the battle and started attacking our healers. I grabbed the first two while the other tanks grabbed the remaining two. The two gigantic Crypt Lords blocked most of my field of vision, all I could see now is the blue chitin armor on the underbelly of the Crypt Lord and the ground below me. My life waxed and waned, lifesaving cooldowns were used and trinkets popped to avoid getting clobbered by these gigantic abominations. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to hours as my body screamed in pain trying to dodge the Crypt Lord's powerful attacks.

Then everything just faded... Blood... Sweet, tasty blood... I hungered for blood...

I regained consciousness in the middle of Kel's room, bodies of fallen comrades littered the floor. There at my side lay the body of Kel'Thuzad. One comrade asked me if I was ok, then I remembered what happened. Memories started gushing in, memories of me striking down my comrades, memories of how the remaining raid members valiantly stood their ground while I was controlled by Kel, how they continued attacking Kel while the Crypt Lords decimated our ranks, memories of Kel falling to the floor, memories of Crypt Lords scampering away from battle after seeing their master fall down...

We did it! We killed Kel'Thuzad! The group erupted into cheers as healing and resurrection spells where cast all around the room.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Lost Tale

Taken from one of Injunjoe's lost scrolls describing an epic battle fought deep within the Nerubian lair "Azjol-Nerub".


One night, 5 dreary Bisdak members went to hunt spiders in the cave at AN
.. and Lo! Hordes of horde were waiting in ambush!!!

Sarevok broke the tooth off the orc shaman...
.. Sygbine bit the leg of the tauren cow warrior
...Murdak death-kissed their female elf paladin
....Ascorbate ripped the skull off the undead priest
...and Cephas stripped the Knight out of their troll Death Knight.

It was a long terrible fight. The cave echoed with the awful noises of painful screams and battlecries. All around people stopped and wonder if the titans themselves have descended and laid a terrible war against the dragons. Only to find out it was the terrible screams of these valiant heroes as they tipped their glasses on their pcs, ram their keyboards hard, kicked their desks and shook their fists at the latency rate.

In the end...after several thousands of milliseconds of that awful battle..silence came. And when the dust cleared.. a lone unflagged alliance gnome came out from the corner and shouted in testament to the scene of glory depicted before him: "FTW Alliance rules!"

And there 5 men...of the clan Bisdak valiantly stood...with their shining swords and golden armors bloodied and soaked with the blood of the enemy. And all around them lie the bodies of 8 hordes. The rest flew away, terrified..never again will they try their will against our young heroes.

At of the 5 spoke.

"Naa na tanan? Tara na. Sayang oras." "Ok, let's go!" "Unsa to sila?" "Ambot nag tira man so tira lang pud ko.." "ah...looya oi." "Bitaw... " "pa bap pls.... "

And our heroes walked into the lair of the spider.


As depicted in a painting by an anonymous artist:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


After a few gear upgrades, here is how I look like now.

Bubble-Hearth Denied!

It was a bright and sunny afternoon. We just finished defending Wintergrasp from the evil horde and there I was, browsing the goods sold by Knight Dameron, minding my own business when out of nowhere a Blood Elf Paladin started firing judgements on me. Angered by this sneak attack, I quickly put my Seal up and started firing judgements myself. With one quick cast he stunned me as he tried to get around me. Panic struck me since getting hit at the back is not something you would want to experience...ever. Using all my might I freed myself from his stun and quickly turned to face him raising my shield altogether. He struck, I blocked, and he got hit by the reactive spell that I had already placed on my shield. My arm ached from the strength of his blow while he staggered back arms and head bloodied. I took advantage of this lapse by lurching forward and hammering him with a stun. I then consecrated the ground below him, fired a powerful judgement and finished with a powerful slam using my shield. His life waned, slowly eaten away by my judgements. He then cast a bubble to protect himself from more attacks then started to use his hearthstone to teleport away to safety. Unfortunately for him I am a Paladin myself and I know the weakness of such a technique... In the end, he lay there bloodied and lifeless.

EDIT: Since patch 3.1, players are now immune to this spell's damage making this trick no longer work. I have mixed emotions about this change though, happy that it is now safe to use bubble-hearth when I encounter hordes of horde (not that I use this everytime) and sad that I can no longer deny Paladin Hordes their bubble-hearth...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thy Face Revealed

Lo and behold! Sarevok, Argent Champion, Champion of the Frozen Wastes!