Wednesday, July 22, 2009


One of the most challenging and fun fights in Ulduar is that of Mimiron. This fight has four phases, meaning 4 wipefests, 1 per each phase during the learning period. We always wiped in phase 1 during our first day and it was always because of a lapse in my part :P. Tunnel vision gets to me when I keep my finger on the ready for Mimiron's Plasma Blast. I would then fail to run away on time once he starts casting his Shock Blast. Tunnel-visioned-tank + Shock Blast = dead tank = wipe = angry mob :P... It may be a case of nerves when dealing with new content (or just me trying to make excuses lol). Anyway, the next day we were all filled with energy and raid morale was pretty high. We spent the last few hours studying Mimiron videos and familiarizing ourselves with each phase of the fight. I threw my shield and started the fight.

Phase 1... Melee encircles Leviathan MKII (MKII).. MKII sprays land mines.. melee adjusts positions to search for land mine openings.. DBM warns incoming Plasma Blast.. I hit bubble wall, my life dips and rises.. MKII glows white signaling a Shock Blast.. I ran away from MKII so does the other melee members, we ran back.. same cycle happens (got Pain Suppresion on the second Plasma Blast and used glyphed Salvation + lock candy + pots on the third) then MKII retreats away.

Mimiron then deploys a robot called VX-001 (VX) and Phase 2 follows. During this phase, all melee should stay at the back of VX to avoid his gattling gun while range DPS and healers will position themselves away from VX and stack into groups. No tank is needed in this fight. Just avoid getting hit and burn away.

Phase 2... Melee stands at VX's back and moves together with VX while he slowly rotates his body. VX launches Rocket Strike, ranged DPS and healers ran away from the red dot on the floor.. VX spins and fires some Laser Barrage while DPS moved away from his front.. DPS burns down VX and phase 2 ends.

After seeing his creation burned down, Mimiron launches his other robot, the Aerial Command Unit and phase 3 begins...

Phase 3... A ranged DPS tanked the Aerial Command Unit while the rest burned down adds.. Assault bots were summoned, I picked them up and marked them as priority targets.. All DPS, except the one tanking the boss, burned down the Assault bot.. A melee DPS looted the Assault bot and picked up a Magnetic Core.. He ran towards the base of the Command Unit and used the Magnetic Core.. The Command Unit drops down to the floor and all DPS burned it down.. Command Unit flies back up.. Bomb bots emerged and some ranged DPS burned them down. With only 20k hp, the Bomb bots didn't have a chance.. Same process was repeated until the Aerial Command Unit was destroyed.

By this time, Mimiron assembles the three robot units. Form feet and legs (Leviathan MKII), form arms and body (VX-001), and I'll form the head (Aerial Command Unit)... Then there stood V-07-TR-0N (courtesy of Voltron). Apparently, the last three phases were just a test for Mimiron's ultimate creation. And Phase 4 began. The bots maintained some of their abilities from the previous phases. MKII (legs) still casts Shock Blast and still throws proximity mines. VX (body) still launches Rocket Strikes and still does Laser Barrage while the Aerial Command Unit (head) still throws some Plasma Balls.

Phase 4... I ran to the center to pick up V-07-TR-0N. Ranged DPS focused on the head while melee DPS were split between the body and legs. CD's were popped as we went all-out. We carefully checked each part's health since the only way to destroy V-07-TR-0N is to bring down its parts together.. After seeing that the head was way ahead of the other parts, the ranged DPS switched to target the one who still had the highest hp (body). Head - 12%, body - 15%, legs - 10%.. Excitement rose as the boss' hp dropped some more.. Head - 5%, body - 6%, legs - 6%.. I kept tabbing (switching targets) and pushed every button that lit up on my action bars. I used Avenging Wrath and mashed away my keyboard :P. Then Ding! an achievement window popped up "The Keepers of Ulduar".

Wohooo! We were screaming (nerd scream? :P) at vent, very happy that finally we were able to defeat Mimiron. I clicked on Mimiron to check our loot. "You received Overcharged Capacitor.", "You received Saronite Bar x 5.", "You received.. "... And there goes Mimiron's body :O. What about the screenshot? :(