Friday, October 31, 2008


A bright light flashed through the skies driving away the Scourge army back to the dark abyss where they came from. White smoke covered the entire battlefield. Slowly, men in shiny armor emerged from the smoke. Bringing with them a certain aura which lifted the dark presence away from those near them.

"What's this I see?"
"What happened to me?"

The last thing I remember was that I was releasing Holy Wrath as the undead started charging towards me... What have I done? My hammer's been stained and shield broken... I have failed the Light... Is there still salvation for me?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I... feel... different...... I.... hungry... ... must... eat... brainsss... sweet... tasty...brains... ... Let... us.. march... forward.... LUUUUUUURCH!!!!!!.... brainsss....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Into the darkness

Dark clouds circled the sanctuary as strange creatures slowly marched their way in. People started screaming as the stench of the undead draws near. I hopped on my charger and charged into the dark mist. What I saw made me cower, a thousand zombies lurching towards me. I looked around for help, alas, everyone has been turned. There I stood in the middle, surrounded by these vile creatures. The last beacon of light in this blasted sanctuary. I knelt on one knee, said my prayers to thee, "For the light!", I yelled, as I popped my wings, consecrated the ground and released my Holy Wrath. Slowly the light has faded, overrun by death... .. .... .. ... brainsssss...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Paladin Reborn (WotLK)

Voices... People mumbling, people talking. I opened my eyes, looked around, slowly taking in the intense bright light beaming over me. I felt something strange, I sensed something different. My body seemed lighter even in full plate gear. I took a step forward... Power overflowing... Power overwhelming...

Friday, October 10, 2008

To Fel a Reaver

Boredom has spread like wildfire in the Bisdak guild. Fewer and fewer people have been online in the past few days. Life outside Azeroth, coupled with the anticipation for the opening of a new world (Northrend) made people realize the futility of the things that they are to be doing today, for when the gates and portals to Northrend will open, new gears will appear, where some measely "green" (normal) pieces will be far more powerful than our current epic (purple) gears. To cope with this epidemic (boredom), we (together with some guild members) decided to try and do "crazy" things that could help spice up this monotonic way of life.

First stop, kiting Fel Reaver into Shattrath City :D.

Our first few attempts have failed miserably. At first we chose the wrong path, then in our second attempt (a 2-man group, I was tanking and Zinghyi, the crazy warrior, was healing me.yep he's a healing warrior lol bandage heals ftw! haha) we managed to get to Shattrath but I didn't know the exact location of the stairs leading to Adal so we lost Fel Reaver in the process.

So we went back to find this oversized mechanical machine once more. This time we managed to invite more bored guild members including a proper healer :D (I still love bandage heals btw :P). To do as little damage as possible to the poor Reaver, I used my ever loyal mining pick to kite him.

Yep we were that bored :P. Watch out for more crazy stuff that we will be doing in the following days to come. :D